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As the frontline emergency responder, Crisis Support Services' (CSS) primary goal is to provide on-going prevention services through crisis prevention and emergency response intervention, behavioral support, training, and critical situation support 24 hours/7 days a week, 365 days a year. CSS team members are equipped to respond to critical situations and provide on-going support utilizing evidence-based practices over the duration of the crisis to stabilize the individual in the immediate and long-term placement. Team members are specifically trained to help assess and assist during situations when police or hospitalization involvement is deemed necessary.

Crisis Support Services currently supports Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, San Andreas Regional Center and Tri-Counties Regional Center.

Our services include:
  • On-Going Prevention Support
  • Emergency Response Intervention
  • Behavioral Support Education
  • Person-Center Planning
  • Support System Training
  • Assist with Police and Hospitalization
  • Assist with Transitions
  • Stabilize and Maintain Placement
  • Connect with Generic Services
  • Troubled Family Support
  • Wellness Check
  • Court Order Issues and Concerns
  • Grief Support
CSS Team:
Matthew Kells

Matthew Kells

Team Leader: San Andreas Regional Center

Matthew Kells is a dedicated and compassionate leader with a wealth of experience serving vulnerable populations. With a degree in Sociology from San Jose State University he specializes in civil rights, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Matthew has been committed to creating an inclusive and equitable society his whole life. Throughout his career Matthew has focused on making an impact on the lives of those in need. Matthew comes with extensive experience working with unhoused populations and crisis support. Matthew is always tirelessly advocating for people who don’t have a voice.

Jessica Kellog

Jessica Kellogg

Team Leader: Tri Counties Regional Center

Jessica joined the SYC CSS team in 2021, bringing with her a passion for supporting individuals within the community. Jessica has a strong background working in advocacy and emphasizing the importance of community resources in enhancing ongoing support and education for those navigating the unique challenges of living with Developmental Disability and coping with mental health issues. In her local community, Jessica served as president of the Board for the Mental Health Association. She worked closely with her community to raise funds for the continuation of program development and badly needed services. With a background in clinical case management and counseling, specializing in substance use disorders, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as the Team Leader of San Luis Obispo CSS. She shares her dedication to empowering individuals to achieve their highest potential. Jessica is committed to creating a positive and empowering team environment within a company whose mission is to provide quality care under scientifically based practices.

AJ Ramos

AJ Ramos

Team Leader: Tri-Counties Regional Center

Since 2013, AJ has worked on the frontline of mental health; serving in psychiatric facilities, community settings, and short-term residential therapeutic programs. AJ has held multiple roles ranging from: mental health worker, unit clerk, home-health aide, enhanced respite worker, behavioral interventionist, youth development specialist, direct care worker, and assistant manager. Holding multiple roles has given AJ a 360-view of how we can better serve our underserved populations. AJ has proven himself to be a dependable leader and an advocate for mental health, at-risk youth, and the developmentally disabled. AJ is excited to lead the Ventura County Crisis Support Services team, continue helping others, and put his compassion into action.

Taryn Eaton

Taryn Eaton

Team Leader: Lanterman Regional Center

Taryn graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor's of Art Degree in psychology. Taryn went on to get her Master's of Science Degree in psychology from Oakland University. During undergraduate and graduate school, Taryn worked as a 1:1 aide in schools, as a registered behavior technician in a psychiatric facility, and as direct support staff in residential homes, eventually working her way up to program manager. With over a decade of experience, Taryn has dedicated herself to being an effective advocate for the developmentally disabled in the community.

Sharon Lam

Sharon Lam

Clinical Manager: Lanterman Regional Center

Sharon has served individuals with developmental disabilities for the past 7.5 years. She has experience working in the hospital, clinic and in-home settings within the medical and mental health field and has had 6 years of clinical and managerial experience in the field of ABA. Her true passion is serving others and seeing the growth in the individuals she works with, as well as providing clinical mentorship in the field of mental and behavioral health. Outside of work, you can see Sharon spending her time traveling, exploring coffee shops and breweries, and spending time at home baking and cooking.

Stephanie Olvera

Stephanie Olvera

Team Leader: South-Central Los Angeles Regional Center

Stephanie Olvera has supported the developmentally disabled population for over 8 years. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior. Stephanie then continued her graduate education with a Master's program designed for Marriage and Family Therapy clinicians. Since then, Stephanie has conducted extensive work with ABA services, residential facilities, and school-based services for dual diagnosis consumers. Mental health and advocacy for individuals has been a long-stemmed passion that has motivated Stephanie to continue providing professional support for everyone that she serves.

What Parents Are Saying...

Since CSS has been working with my son his aggression at home has lessened. CSS has been very consistent with visits with my son. CSS has helped my son’s behaviors at home. CSS taught my son ways to be calm and be patient when he gets frustrated. My daughter’s crisis counselor is very patient with her. We know she has frequent mood swings. CSS always spends additional time with her as needed. Extra support when I am at my limits.

Thank you for being so patient with my autistic, selective mute son. He works well with you and I feel relieved that he gets to work with you.