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Our clinical team will provide an effective person-centered framework to safely manage & prevent difficult behavior. This service is intended to reduce, eliminate and/or prevent the occurrence of severe behaviors posing a health and safety risk. Behavior Support Services (BSS) provides direct care service providers with the training and intervention strategies necessary to manage and modify difficult behaviors, while teaching functionally related replacement skills. It is also intended that the outcomes of this service will allow for individuals to be served in the least restrictive environments and under least restrictive conditions.

  • Meet Title 17 Requirement
  • Admission Screening
  • Observation and Data Collection
  • Report Writing: Initial 30/60/90 Day, Quarterly Reports, Annual Report
  • Report Writing: Behavioral Functional Analysis and Individual Service Plan including Proactive/Reactive Interventions and strategies for identified behaviors including Life Skills
  • In-Service (BFA/ISP implementation training)
  • Attend Regional Center Meetings
  • Available Phone Support
  • CCL Trainings for Administrator
  • Additional staff training and education
  • Connecting to Local Resources

The focus of these efforts must be integrated with the following life supports:

  • Individuals should be offered opportunities to develop functional skills to live and enjoy their lives.
  • Individuals should be empowered to exercise choice and to control their own lives.
  • Each individual’s services should be delivered in accordance with a single, comprehensive Behavior Functional Analysis and Individual Service Plan that is developed, monitored and coordinated by the individual’s support team.
  • Each individual’s capacity for learning, growing and changing should be continually recognized by his/her entire circle of supports.

SYC provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessment and intervention in home, supported living and adult services settings.
  • Training of Direct Support Professionals and staff regarding techniques that would work for the individual.
  • Knowledge of and referral to generic resources in the community.
  • Specialization in working with Direct Support Professionals and families to provide needed assistance for immediate problems.

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BSS Staff

Ryan Landis

Behavior Specialist

With a comprehensive background serving different communities, Ryan demonstrates exceptional positivity, inclusivity, and enthusiasm. His ability to focus on consumer strengths and humanize characteristics regardless of how challenging the situation presents renders a meaningful impact to any team. At SYC, Ryan serves the developmentally disabled community as a behavior consultant. He is dedicated to providing service that reflects compassion, integrity, and honesty.

Melanie Burke

Melanie Burke

Behavior Specialist

Melanie is a behaviorist with over 20 years of experience working with the developmentally disabled community. She serves the community with great passion focusing on problem solving, helping others, and training. In her experience, Melanie has learned to see the positive aspects of challenging situations. Her constant growth and enthusiasm have paved her path as a successful behaviorist. At Stephanie Young Consultants, she enjoys collaborating with a team that is inspiring, purposeful, and determined to be a part of a greater change in the lives of those who deserve it most.

Sue Raymond

Sue Raymond

Behavior Specialist

Sue has extensive experience serving developmentally disabled individuals. With 35 years of experience as a behavior specialist, Sue has demonstrated her commitment to acting with kindness, empathy, and integrity. At Stephanie Young Consultants, Sue continues to grow and work with an interdisciplinary team that is experienced as passionate as she is. Her knowledge continues to provide support to SYC and the population they serve.

SYC is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge in the are of which it specializes. The Resident's Palace has used SYC services since starting of operations in 2008. Each of the team members has exhibited care, concern, and kindness toward me and my clients and staff always, during this relationship. SYC is awesome!!!!
- Phyllis Bolton (Resident’s Palace ARF)

I love working with SYC. They are very attentive to our clients’ needs and I know that our residents are receiving the best behavioral support possible with them. Their reports are always on time and are leaps and bounds better than other behaviorists that I’ve used in the past. SYC’s professionalism and attentiveness make my job as a business owner so much easier, I highly recommend them.
– Elise Jenkins (Mt.Helix/Valle Linda ARF)