Devoted Beyond Reason...For Good Reason

It is the mission of SYC to provide the highest level of expertise, devotion, and accessibility to individuals and their support systems, so that they may flourish as equals in society, unimpeded, understood and loved, as we all desire for ourselves. It is the vision of SYC that each individual be provided with the necessary supports and opportunities to participate in living experiences which empowers them to achieve their highest potential in the least restrictive environment.

As caring is the cornerstone of our values, we are committed to act with compassion, integrity, and honesty. SYC team members are not only expected to be experienced but also passionate about upholding these values while providing a foundation of support to each individual we serve.

Treatment Philosophy


Exercising compassion in our approach to treatment as we value individual needs and consider interventions that promote a better quality of life.


Each program is designed to have high levels of accountability. Treatment progress is data-driven and transparent to all parties involved.


SYC is grounded in evidence-based practices. We explore all research-based methods when designing treatment interventions.


Our measure of effectiveness is to yield positive and sustainable long-lasting changes for each individual.


We base our work on a person-centered model, one that emphasizes the elements of advocacy and promoting choice for the individual.

We're Here For You...

Stephanie Young


Ms. Stephanie Young has been in the mental health profession for 20 years. Initially, she worked as a Crisis Counselor and Clinical Director before founding her own agency to help individuals who have developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues. As a licensed psychotherapist, she has counseled many individuals, their families and supports in all age groups and placement settings to address behavioral problems aimed towards improving their quality of life.

She respects the dignity of those whom she serves, yet is compassionate and probing during the interview processes to gather data that results in comprehensive individual assessments, individual behavior plans and crisis prevention support procedures. Her tenacity in utilizing community services has been instrumental in achieving a high level of placement success. Because of her enthusiasm, knowledge and promptness, Ms. Young has been successful in establishing a reputable agency whose services are highly regarded and sought-after.

Stephanie Higgins


Through dedication and strength, Stephanie Higgins has developed an excellent team of behaviorists, crisis counselors, and clinicians to provide the highest level of expertise, devotion, and accessibility to individuals and their support systems. so that they may flourish as equals in society, unimpeded, understood and loved, as we all desire for ourselves.

Her background as a Title I school teacher, crisis counselor, and union representative has guided her to support an organization that continues to grow. She is able to utilize her leadership capacity to translate vision into reality. The joy of success in helping others, makes Stephanie Higgins push for excellence, on-going development and service distinction within the developmental disability field.

Jack Close


I have over 30 years of experience as an accounting and finance manager in a variety of industries. I have been involved in all facets of business operations, developed robust systems, and been instrumental in implementing advanced technological tools in several operational areas. My experience and leadership in these areas allow my fellow team members the freedom to spend more time exercising their talents with our clients. Outside of the office, I have enjoyed volunteering with various youth and faith-based organizations.

Jessica Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Jessica has been in the Management Field for over 15 years. She brings a wealth of administrative and leadership experience to support SYC’s vision which includes maintaining and supporting the behaviorists, crisis counselors, and clinicians. Jessica’s true passion is helping others; the connections and relationships with the Regional Center Service Coordinators, Home Administrators, and Individuals. Jessica strives to promote excellent behavioral services through community outreach and SYC growth development.

Keley Heckman

Clinical Supervisor

Keley Heckman, LCSW has worked as a social worker for 15 years, with individuals, children and older adults with a history of trauma, specializing in anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and severe mental health conditions. She uses a strengths-based approach and Trauma Informed Care model to promote wellness and recovery in all her clients. Keley has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychiatric first responder, aiding Law Enforcement with people in the community experiencing crisis.

As the Clinical Supervisor for SYC, she provides clinical leadership and support to crisis counselors and behaviorists working with individuals, residential homes and day programs. Working with SYC, has allowed Keley the opportunity to guide staff who are passionate and dedicated to helping those we serve.

Marques Guy

CSS District Manager

My name is Marques Guy and I have been involved in working with and supporting the developmentally disabled community for the last 10 years. My main focus and drive in working with this population comes from helping people who haven’t found their voice, speak up for themselves. Everytime I have even a small part in teaching someone the skills of advocacy, self-help and problem solving, it is worth all the difficulties incurred along the way. Stephanie Young Consultants have played a large part in this, as they have encouraged me to use the foundational skills I have, as well as providing me the resources and tools to help make sure I do the best job possible.

  • SYC Is The Epitome Of Professionalism And Knowledge In The Area of Which It Specializes. ...
    "SYC is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge in the are of which it specializes. The Resident's Palace has used SYC services since starting of operations in 2008. Each of the team members has exhibited care, concern, and kindness toward me and my clients and staff always, during this relationship. SYC is awesome!"
    Phyllis Bolton, Resident’s Palace ARF
  • I love working with SYC. They are very attentive to our clients’ needs......
    "I love working with SYC. They are very attentive to our clients’ needs and I know that our residents are receiving the best behavioral support possible with them. Their reports are always on time and are leaps and bounds better than other behaviorists that I’ve used in the past. SYC’s professionalism and attentiveness make my job as a business owner so much easier, I highly recommend them."
    Elise Jenkins, Mt.Helix/Valle Linda ARF