Commercial Investments

Think There’s An Easier Way To Buy and Sell Commercial Real Estate?

There Is, It’s With Mission CBI.

At Mission Commercial Brokerage & Investments we understand buying commercial property is a huge investment. We also understand the process of selling your current real estate asset is an a huge undertaking. In order to ensure no legal complications arise down the road, all responsibilities and obligations will need to be met. Most importantly, you will want to ensure you receive what your property is worth. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, our team at Mission CBI is your answer to an enjoyable and efficient process. Our business is built on communication. With that being said, we value assessing your needs as a client first. This gives us a clear outline of where your goals are and how we can best serve you. Whether your goal is to buy or sell a commercial property, our professional team will conduct a thorough analysis of the property. If your desire is to buy, we will perform a thorough search of the region to find a number of properties. Our commitment is to present you with properties that will complement the functionality you are looking for as well as your budget. On the same token, if you are looking to sell, we will ensure maximum visibility of your property through a number of creative outlets such as specific directories, direct mail and email marketing, followed up with a friendly phone call.