Behavior Support Services

Mission Statement:

The driving principle behind our philosophy is to deliver services that will assist and support individuals, their families, and Direct Support Professionals by providing a safe living environment and community integration connections through the usage of positive behavioral methods and plans.

Introduction to Services:

Stephanie Young Consultants offers behavioral support to individuals who receive Regional Center services and reside in Adult Residential Facilities/Group homes, Supported Living, or attend Day Program.

We intend to do this through:

  • Behavioral Consulting
  • Observation, In-Service (BFA/ISP implementation training)
  • Admission Screening
  • Report Writing: Initial 30/60/90 Day, Quarterly Reports
  • Behavioral Functional Analysis and Individual Service Plan including Proactive/Reactive Interventions and strategies for identified behaviors including Life Skills
  • Education and Training
  • Connecting to Local Resources

The focus of these efforts must be integrated with the following life supports:

  • Individuals should be offered opportunities to develop functional skills to live and enjoy their lives.
  • Individuals should be empowered to exercise choice and to control their own lives.
  • Each individual's services should be delivered in accordance with a single, comprehensive Behavior Functional Analysis and Individual Service Plan that is developed, monitored and coordinated by the individual's support team.
  • Each individual's capacity for learning, growing and changing should be continually recognized by his/her entire circle of supports.

SYC provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessment and intervention in home, supported living and adult services settings.
  • Training of Direct Support Professionals and staff regarding techniques that would work for the individual.
  • Knowledge of and referral to generic resources in the community.
  • Specialization in working with Direct Support Professionals and families to provide needed assistance for immediate problems.


Meet Our Team:

Stephanie Young - LMFT CEO & President of SYC

Ms. Stephanie Young has been in the mental health profession for 20 years. Initially she worked as a Crisis Counselor and Clinical Director before founding her own agency to help individuals who have developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues. As a licensed psychotherapist, she has counseled many individuals, their families and supports in all age groups and placement settings to address behavioral problems aimed towards improving their quality of lives. She respects the dignity of those whom she serves, yet is compassionate and probing during the interview processes to gather data that results in comprehensive individual assessments, individual behavior plans and crisis prevention support procedures. Her tenacity in utilizing community services has been instrumental towards achieving a high level of placement success. Because of her enthusiasm, knowledge and promptness, Ms. Young has been successful in establishing a reputable agency whose services are highly regarded and sought-after.


Sue Raymond - Behaviorist

Sue Raymond has been working with people with Intellectual Disabilities and behavioral challenges for over 25 years. While earning her B.A. in Psychology at Rutgers University, New Jersey she began working in this field taking a position in a children's unit at a large private residential facility. Sue continued in this specialized area working with children and adults in residential facilities, an adult day program, and was also a long-term foster parent. Currently Sue is continuing her education in becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and appreciates that her contribution is making a difference in our consumer's lives.