About Us

Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc. provides complete support services for people with developmental disabilities and their circles of support. Years of direct interaction with people, partnerships with California State Regional Centers and interaction with the supporting medical, psychological, and social community has given Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc. the experience and understanding to not only service the needs, but to enhance the lives of people.

Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc. offers a multitude of services customized to fill the needs of Clients, Regional Centers, Direct Support Professionals, Service Coordinators, Clients, Family Members, Parents, Adult Services Staff. Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc. has experience providing services throughout the state of California.

Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc. recognizes the need for community and client support, education, and training.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT Stephanie Young Consultants, Inc.

"Stephanie Young, LMFT has presented numerous trainings to Westside Regional Center staff members, clients, families, and service providers. Her many years of experience, in combination with her educational background, allow her to build an excellent rapport with her trainees. She thoroughly prepares for each presentation, and her topics as well as information is always current. Ms. Young's presentation style is remarkable in that she acknowledges every question that is posed, treats participants with respect, and is motivational in her delivery. Westside Regional Center takes great pleasure and pride in not only being affiliated with Ms. Stephanie Young, but to also be able to offer her trainings to our staff and community."
Mary E. Rollins, Director, Client Services, Westside Regional Center

"Stephanie Young demonstrates a compassionate and solid commitment to persons with developmental disabilities. She places a strong emphasis on crisis prevention, rather than intervention. most importantly, however, is the viewpoint that Stephanie brings that individuals who happen to have "disability labels" are true equals. She teaches us to listen, to strive for understanding and to accept those we serve as equals with respect and dignity."
Clay Jones, Associate Executive Director, Redwood Coast Regional Center

"Stephanie maintains the highest degree of ethics and provides a role model for the staff that work for and with her. Her contributions to the field of developmental disabilities far exceed the monetary reimbursement she has received. Stephanie has been and continues to be involved in scores of voluntary community activities that have enhanced the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Stephanie has individually touched the lives of many persons with developmental disabilities and their families."
Judy Steeg Borchert, Associate Chief, Case Management Services, San Diego Regional Center